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DotRoll Client Support
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Originally Posted by fotobunny View Post
does the basic hosting plan come with htaccess+ssh+cron support? your first post in this thread seemed to say it does but not on the dotroll website.
The Basic plan does not come with SSH and Cron support, the Plus plan does. .htaccess support is available in both Basic and Plus.

Originally Posted by fotobunny View Post
also doe you support ioncube and zend encoded files without the user having to do any local config updates? or not supported at all?
The Zend Optimizer is the default extension loaded. IonCube is also available in the Basic plan as well, you need to place a .htaccess file in the directory you want to use it. Please contact our support via e-mail for the details.

Please note, that you can use either Zend Optimizer or IonCube within a specified directory, not both. Also, optimizers change the way PHP works, so if some normally working functionality fails with IonCube loaded, we can't really help you with that.

Originally Posted by fotobunny View Post
i don't see the number of mysql databases being a limitting factor - esp at this price - you can use prefixes to install most scripts in the same db anyway.
The Basic plan contains 1 database and 1 user. The Plus plan contains 10 databases and 11 users (1 admin, 10 with configurable privileges).

Originally Posted by fotobunny View Post
if it does support htaccess+ssh+cron+zend+ioncube then it seems like a steal to me.... (in a good way)
Unfortunately we can't currently provide those with the Basic plan, you'll have to use the Plus. Please check out our feature comparison table for more information. (This table is not updated with the external domain count yet, you can use 10 externals with Basic, 100 with Plus.)

Originally Posted by fotobunny View Post
edit: 10 domains is limitting - but at that price still not bad at all...
It's 10 external domains in Basic, that is domains you registered somewhere else. You can attach unlimited domains registered with us.
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